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In this article, we will be using the free website of Android Police to learn about how you can download apps from their online repository and install them on your phone easily through your favorite phone app Store.

Step for downloading an app

1) Download and use Galaxy Gear S3, Motorola One, or Samsung Galaxy GALAXY handsets on Google Play Store. You can also get hold of these devices without much effort. To start with Android Phone, go to your mobile phone’s Settings > About.

2) Once downloaded, go to the downloads section in the App Store to see more options. If there is any app you want to download for installation, select it.

3) After selecting the application, follow up by going to the option that reads “Open/Saves files.” This will open a dialog box where you can choose to save the downloaded file in the /data/app folder. Alternatively, you can keep the original file inside a safe backup location such as the SD Card or your internal storage drive. Open your phone’s screen, tap on the device tray, then tap on the gear icon on the left side of the screen. Tap on the gear, go to the Settings menu, and after that click on Data > Storage. Tap on the data > Tap on Drive > Send Files (2-Step).

4) Now when you select the “Open/Save files” option, you can either make the downloaded file in the/data/app folder or save it as an image file in the Photos app. Follow the same procedure to change settings for other apps.

Installing an app from Google Play Store

Once the destination app has been chosen, simply open your favorite smartphone setting > Click on notifications. Scroll down to find out which notification app to search for the latest updates. Select it.

You may have some suggestions like WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. You can use these suggestions to create a list of available services while the app is installed. For example, if you have added Facebook Messenger, now you can add Telegram, or you can even add Twitter, among others. Just tap on the message button to search these messages (in case they are not listed on your device).

Now once you have made sure all the notifications are enabled, visit the “Devices” Menu > Tap on Add New Device > Enter the name of the device you have selected. Then open up the Home Screen and click on Install > Enable Security Checker.

5) When the process is complete, click on the gear icon on the top right and scroll down to find out the details of your newly installed app.

There you go!

Using Your Smartphone in Best Possible Way

Now if you have just installed the app over your smartphone, but still don’t know why it doesn’t work, check out the below steps you can take to troubleshoot.

1st Option – Try Opening The Phone Directly From Where It Gets Opened By An iOS OR Android User. Use A USB Cable To Remove Any Bug.

When the problem begins, first, you need to uninstall the smartphone from your Apple device using the below method. Go to your iPhone, Android, or Windows PC. On your iPhone, tap on Control Panel > Home Screen. If ever you found it unable to perform tasks on your smartphone, try doing so on your laptop, Xbox, PlayStation console, or PS3. Turn Off the power and remove the battery. Doing so will give access to the camera. Once done, disconnect your cable. Don’t forget to turn off Bluetooth. Do the three-step above two times.

After removing the device, now let the technician help you set it up the right way. Check out whether the issue persists or if the issue is resolved and if the issue can be handled with the next step.

2nd Option – Log Into Your Smartphone Using A Digital SIM Card

When the issue persists, you must restart your handset to resolve it. Simply do so by tapping on Reset and Connect. Now reboot or start up the handset.

Once you go into the boot menu, you will see your device’s battery status. Swipe down on it and tap on Optimization and then Choose a Wi-Fi option.

Open up your smartphone App Store and search out Samsung Galaxy Gear S3, Motorola One, or Samsung Galaxy GALAXY. Right, Click on Get More Info on Galaxy Gadgets and Find out more features. You will now be able to enable various features such as Voice Translator, Camera, Call Scanning, GPS, and more. Keep scrolling down and look at the specs of the handset and select the most desirable option. Restart your smartphone but don’t touch it again.

3rd Option – Visit Your Laptop, Computer, Or TV

Open your mobile apps and navigate to Media > Storage. Look for files saved on the computer’s hard disk and tap on Delete stored files.

Next, open up the folders on your media devices such as computers, smartphones, laptops, TV. Tap on each folder and select Edit files to delete files from the folders. Finally, right away, tap on Send files to the cloud with the click of a button.

After completing these methods, you should be now ready to enjoy better performance and better results. But remember that you only get one Android application and one Samsung Galaxy Gear device.

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